Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Impact of Syrian Refugee Crisis on Lebanese Economy: The Case of Banking Sector

Thesis Abstract
"It’s almost the Sixth year of the Syrian crisis and there is no foreseen solution for it. The Syrian crisis has created what is known as the Syrian refugee crisis as a result of the rapid increase in the number of refugees entering Lebanon since 2012. This thesis was conducted to study the impact of Syrian refugee crisis on the Lebanese Economy, specifically on the banking sector. The main purpose of this study was to shed the light on how refugee crisis is affecting the banking sector in Lebanon, whether the effect is negative, positive or no impact. . The problem here lies in the lack of clear a study which identify whether the Syrian refugee crisis has negative, positive or no impact on the banking sector in Lebanon. There was a need to have an in depth study which identify this impact. In addition, it is very essential to understand how the increase number of refugees have impacted the banking sector, because it is one of the most dynamic sectors in the Lebanese economy.

In this research we used the inductive approachqualitative data and Mono-method, a single qualitative technique, in depth interviews. Participants in this thesis characterized of specialists in the banking sector, NGO employees as well as refugees themselves the geographic focus of this study was Bekaa Valley, since the largest number of refugees are based in this area. Results showed there is no significant impact on the banking sector in general, unless indirect negative impact or positive one. Also, there are both, positive and negative impact on Lebanese economy depending on each sector. Recommendations, focuses on reconsidering foreign policies provided by foreign countries. Being more flexible with NGOs. In conclusion, Banking sector should collaboration with other sector to identify their own generalization statements and make sure not to lose opportunities."

Refugees attempting to withdraw money from different ATMs,
West Bekaa, Lebanon 2017 - by Mona Ayoub

If you are interested to read the full research study, you are requested to press on the link below to gain access.

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